Things that make me happy (who would’ve thunk)

PicMonkey CollageYes I know (and I do agree), the collage above is probably (notwithstanding my poor photographing skills and my crappy smartphone) not the most beautiful sights to behold. And yes, my pre-parental self would probably have posted something more along these lines: IMAG0702But then again, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I still were  my former self because I wouldn’t have anything to write about, so there.

What has been going on in the past two months, at an astonishing speed and quite to my utter delight is a decluttering of our household. Well, that’s probably said a bit much. It’s not as if our household was nearing a state you could call clutter – free. And I am daily battling the influx of new baby and kid paraphernalia which seems to breed near our entrance and trespasses into our Lounge unbidden. But some areas have cleared up unexpectedly. So behold above exhibit a.) (top left) the transformation of the crib to a bed which has now been completed (the back was also removed 3 hrs after the picture was taken). BTW: there’s an actual kid attached to that creepy bodyless hand. So every time I get into the girls’ bedroom I’m suprised by a new view of free space above Mimi 1’s bed. And so far, the child has stayed in the bed apart from the first night when she managed to fall out of it 3 times. We have now moved the bed next to the wall, sheer parenting-genious, right?  Exhibit b.) (top right) shows the reclaim of the kitchen. We have transitioned from babyfood processor plus bottle warmer to nothing. I.e. the kitchen will eventually again only be used to produce food which is appreciated and edible for grownups. And cooking pasta since we must feed the children something they like from time to time too… and yes, eventually also the ugly bottle holder will RIP. Exhibit c.) I bought knickers since Mimi 1 decided she has outgrown her pampers. To be fair we have done this for three days now and only day 1 has been accident free but at least we’re on the way, right? Pampers consumption the past 3 days was -8 pieces, yay!!!

So what this actually means is that we’re on our way to having one baby and one actual kid which is so exciting (allow me the little motherly sob for the gone days of cuddly little feet and 4 toothed smiles of Mimi 1…. I know, parenting is a permanent goodbye and hello (let’s save this topic for another post)). It also means that when we’re going away to the Engadin in a couple of weeks we will actually not have to take two baby beds with us. And no food processor. I am beyond excited about this. Truly.

So this tells you about either how boring and small my life has become, or about how kids truly make you appreciate small things which suddenly become so big and fantastic. You decide.