Figuring out the Me Week

My husband (aka Twomimidad i.e. TMD) and me have made an arrangement that we both are allowed one week of “solo holidaying” when Mimi #1 was born. Actually, we already had this agreement before the Mimis, but, as with so many of our old habits, we had to re-evaluate that rule as well and came to the conclusion that we wanted to keep that custom.

In the pre-Mimi-era this usually meant that he went flying his models (no, he’s not throwing Heidi Klum off a cliff, I’m talking about radio controlled gliders (Segelflugzeuge to my German speaking friends))  somewhere in Europe for a week, usually combined with a competition, and I went to the mountains. I had been going to the mountains a lot when I still was at Uni, before I met my TMD, and I was resolved to keep that up since the mountains have always been my kind of sanctuary.


PizPalü2 (2)

I was up there, right in the middle, a loong time ago. Thought still makes me smile.


Pre-Mimi vs. Post-Mimi-Me

However, when the Mimis were here, it was a different story. I’m not going to give a speech on how much children change your life, let’s just say they do. And a lot of what formerly was a big part of your life will just take a backseat. You can probably have a say in the prioritising but a lot of your old habits just have to give. Full stop.  Also, I’m not going to pretend that I was really fit before I got pregnant the first time but I was still fit enough to get prepared for the mountains in 2-3 months leading up to “my” week.

The four burners model

Now, at the moment, this is not the case. If you’re following me on Facebook you probably have read about the 4 burners theory, and how I was sharing that “health” (i.e. fitness) is currently the burner just barely burning at all. Which is partly due to the busy life and my own priorities where I usually chose to be with the kids or have lunch with my workmates above going for a run or a swim (i.e. I chose “friends” and “Family” above “health”). Now you could blame me for that, and believe me, sometimes I do myself, but in the end I decide to prioritise what makes me happiest. Though, probably, a bit more of the “health” bit wouldn’t hurt in all honesty. It partly is also due to the fact that I am a lazy person. Really lazy. I’m talking proper couch potatoe here. So I’m just going to say that my participation in the Gigathlon this year will be a bit of a stretch (just the Swimming!!!)

Spoilt for choice, really

So this year, for the first time in basically 4+ years when I’m not pregnant or have a small baby, I’m going to get have my “me-week” back. TMD already took his by going to the Lofotes (Norway) in June to -yes you guessed that right- do some flying with his friends. So in the months and weeks leading up to now I had thought that what I craved for would be a Yoga retreat somewhere at the beach in the mediterranean (I do Yoga once a week regularly, the only thing I’ve managed to keep up through everything and which has truly saved my sanity and my back with the lugging around of the children).



The one thing I do know is that These Three will be absolutely fine without me for a week!


I always end up at the same place – so there’s probably a reason behind?

As you have probably gathered from my Instagram feed (that’s by the way the best way to keep up if your so inclined, since I blog very irregularly) we have been to the Engadin in June. And also I have been to Wengen (Berner Oberland) with work last week. And I suddenly realised that the mountains are calling me again. I hadn’t heard them for a while since I was probably so busy with the babies. Also, since I was probably giving myself so little space for “me” when I actually was there in the mountains. Because that’s just what happens when you have babies, your “me” suddenly shrinks into a very small space inside of you. Best you can do is to make sure to check on it from time to time so as to not let it die because, the older the children get, the more space you will get again for your “me”. Just in the way that I mostly can now take a shower when both Mimis are awake without having to hop out dripping with shampooed hair (though I did that just last Wednesday, so I’m not completely there yet!). Or in the way that, slowly, you feel less bad leaving your husband or your Mom alone with the kids for a longer period of time. Such is the blessing of the babies becoming children. Now, I know the Mimis will need me, a lot, for a very long time still. But the immediacy, the urgency with which you ALWAYS have to be right next to them slowly evolves into something a bit more relaxed. And thank God for that since I wouldn’t be able to keep up that level of service forever!!!

Beach vs. Mountains

So while researching on Yoga retreats at a beach, I realised that what has been always my personal kind of meditation are the mountains. The days of walking. The listening to the trickle of glaciers and how they grow quiet in the night when everything freezes again. Walking off when it’s still dark and seeing the sun come up on the mountain tops.



Feels like flying, doesn’t it? (View from Piz Languard)


I’d like a five star Hotel up the mountain please. Oh, and I’d like to be the only guest too…

So there will be some mountains in my “me-week” this year. Though to what extent I am not entirely sure yet for various reasons. First, my un-fitness which will make more demanding routes unpleasurable. Second, my resolve to not stress myself out during that week. And with that the wish to get a nice, comfy bed without people snoring next to me such as is the case in mountain lodges (SAC Hütten). Third, my feeling that I just don’t want to talk to a lot of people during some days which sort of excludes going on a tour as I used to, with a bunch of strangers and a mountain guide. I have to talk so much EVERY day at the moment that not having to talk is what I’m aiming for.

Talking about being spoilt for choice

So we will see where this leads me to. I believe it will be a combination of long-ish hikes to a lodge followed by some nights in a nice Hotel with a good SPA, great views and a comfy room where I can read a book in peace or just stare out of the window. Or write a random blogpost about life (and not about kids). I have no idea how that turns out. I have no idea if I still have the ability to just be by myself for days on end (something which I used to love and celebrate). All I know is that I feel I’m on the way to rediscovering a piece of me which I thought I had lost, and that alone is worth taking that leap of faith. And I know I am so lucky to be able to have a whole week to myself to just do as I please. That’s, in itself, the biggest blessing of all.

Thumbs up for London

So that was it now, my two nights alone in London. And tell you what: after all that whining in the last post, I didn’t miss the Mimis one bit, and that’s the honest truth. I was far too busy to do so actually. And see, that’s why I sometimes need a little shove to get going. Because afterwards I enjoy it immensely.

London has kept me very busy

First of all I slept until 10 AM UK time on Friday, which means 11 in Swiss time. Something that hasn’t happened to me for ages, since my body just got too used to get up at around Mimi #1 o’clock… Maybe it was due to last weeks’ broken nights. Or my beatiful room on the top floor which I’ve had far too little time to enjoy properly.
Therefore I had a bit of a late start into Friday but since there’s no crying over etc., I just decided to go with the flow. So I was late at Tate Modern, plus it turned out that they only let people in to the exhibition in badges since it is still so popular. I was in complete awe of the fact that even now you have to queue up for it. I only had to wait for a good 30′ however, and this actually gave me time to explore the building a bit. And what a building that is!

Kunsthaus Zürich go home, hide and cry

I’ve visited Tate once but only stood in the big hall and wasn’t really interested anyway (teenagers, I tell you…). It is absolutely jaw-droppingly HUGE. And what I liked about it particularly was the massive carpet on the entrance ramp down, where plenty of children tumble about, what a great idea! It makes the whole place feel really cool in an including way. I still wont bring my kids into the actual exhibition (or let alone to London) for some years though. A decision that was being backed-up as I saw one woman with two kids in the exhibition and she ended up sitting on the floor with the kids, holding the iPhone with kiddie videos on it to keep them entertained…
Toptip for all of you who have kids who are into books, there is a great selection of children’s books in the museum shop which will also make adults happy, so I spent a bit of money there….


View from the tenth Floor is amazing… btw. someone still owes me a night in The Shard I believe…

The actual exhibition was great in the sense that it manages to really convey O’Keeffe’s life (and contradict the sexual interpretation of her work, for all of you out there who just think of lady bits when they hear O’Keeffe!). It didn’t feature many of my favourite pictures, but that didn’t matter to me. I spent a good hour watching and reading and just really BEING there, completely immersed in a different world. I forgot how great it is to really just take stuff in wholeheartedly, rather than trying to do five different things at a time. I think it has given me a sense of how O’Keeffe has led her life and how this has contributed to her art.
Coming out again was as if coming out of a tunnel, so I took some time to stroll over to St. Pauls, and then tried to find my way to Covent Garden. Since I am a very half-hearted user of Google Maps, I kind of meandered a bit through fleet street and found the house Dr. Johnson lived in, and a very green place, which is what I like about meandering. You find stuff you didn’t look for and it is a luxury which costs time, so I hardly ever do it nowadays.

Top left: Covent Garden!

The Shopping bit

Finally I did find Covent Garden though (evil people hid it, see picture above), had lunch and the went proper shopping. Yes, I mean proper shopping, and I will not tell anybody how much money I spent (probably not even myself). I have found that I am at an age (ugh, even just writing this makes me feel old), where I can’t be bothered to buy the really cheap stuff. If I make the time to go shopping and find something which really fits, I want it to last, so it’s not cheap anymore. Worst thing was that I kept telling myself that the pound was so low, basically everything is a bargain. We’ll see when I get the actual credit card bills. I’m really apt at lying to myself when it comes to these things.

Heading Out

Anyway, then I rushed back to the hotel room (hello beautiful room!) to offload the bags and set off again to meet a dear friend in Surbiton. A train journey, you will be surprised to hear, I managed without getting lost (for those of you who know me, I’m talking about the “Grange-over-Sands” incident).

Some More Shopping

Saturday morning I made sure to get up early to get in 1.5 hours of very successful powershopping before making my way to the airport. Sweating along on the Piccadilly line of course, always part of the experience.

The Places I want to see…

So oh, how I could’ve stayed on!!! So many things I would’ve loved to see too, and what I also truly missed out on was to just sit in a coffee for an inappropriately long time, staring out the window. I had been hoping for a bit more idling, but that’s just not possible in 1.5 days. And I kind of also missed TMD, since he is my fellow London-traveller and companion and I have kind of grown used to him being around. Weird, right?

I’m looking forward though to a.) hugging the Mimis tight tonight and b.) coming back at some point, and this we will!
P.S: I discovered there’s something even slightly better than shopping: