Home Alone – Wish me Luck

You know when you have kids, within seconds, everything can go from perfect and peacful to complete mayhem within split seconds.

Which is what happened today and which is also, why this is going to be a SHORT post today. Plus this here is still sitting in my lounge and since I have visitors coming tomorrow morning, I will have to do something about it (move it to the bedroom for example??).


So, to give you the picture: TMD has buggered off to somewhere windy, possibly rainy, most probably cold in the north in the pursuit of his very weird hobby. (see here) And since it is the World Championships, even I was not in the position to deny him that. And, it is worthwile to mention, he’s buggered off for ten days which is basically forever.

So today the Mimis were exceptionally in the nursery and when I went to pick Mimi #1 up, she ran towards me (great, cute!) and fell flat on her face (sh..). And this is not figuratively, I mean this literally, on her face. Luckily, no teeth or bones were damaged in the process. So this has sent an already tired girl into a downward spiral as you can imagine.

Then she didn’t want to eat, of course so I resorted to a not approved tactic which always works: bribery. And I pulled out what I had bought for emergencies after a mere 15 minutes of being at home with the two of them:


Ooops, all gone…


This has helped Mimi #1 to immediately regain her appetite . I then had to give Mimi #2 a bear as well, which she shared (bless her, she is still innocent, so not aware of Mimi #1s cunning) with Mimi #1. So Mimi #1 has already had a sugar high on our very first evening. Plus I was cried at from both sides a good 15 times within 2 hours. And I already had to pull out the princess band-aids as well. So I have not much more hard-core bribery left. I am getting scared. Ten days ahead. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Home Alone – Wish me Luck

  1. […] without the father of the children (aka my husband, aka TMD) who has buggered off to Denmark (see last post), was bloody exhausting. First Mimi #2 got a fever, then she got better and Mimi #1 followed suit. […]


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