The Perfect Day

IMG-20160904-WA0003 (2)Sometimes, really just like a freak storm, it happens. The Perfect Day. And yes, today was one of them. I usually tell myself until we have not had a proper meltdown it has not been a proper day, but sometimes the kids are in bed and I’m like -huh?!- isn’t there something missing?

Of course you can’t go more boring that going to the Zoo on a Sunday and believe you me, we certainly weren’t the only ones there. When we got there I basically just wanted to turn around again and go back home. Just because I have kids now doesn’t mean I love them in a general sort of way. No Sir, my genes are resistant to that, sorry. Anyway, we got there between a gazillion of other couples with small kids but, because we are such pros, got in through the back door and for once I even enjoyed the humidity of the Masoala-Halle which usually just sends me running through to the fresh air on the other side.

Mimi #2 of course is still too small for the zoo, things tend to be too far away for her, or just not interesting enough so she’s just left to stare at green leaves in most cases. But being such a cute baby on “The Perfect Day”, she was quite happy with that anyway. So then we went to have a snack which almost got eaten by a cock which in turn sent Mimi #1 to stand on the actual picknick table. She’s a bit of a wuss when it comes to animals, no idea where that comes from (I secretly believe it’s Twomimidads fault…). Anyway after having had a glimpse at the elephants, we had lunch at another picknick table amidst another dozen families. Blissful thing is though, you’re usually so busy  making sure your kids don’t smear their whole bodies with food (rather than just their faces) that you don’t notice. Mimi #1 had spotted the ice cream container already from about 100 miles away and, I think, during lunch she might have mentioned the word “icecream” just about 550 times. And it was a short lunch, mind you. So then we all had an ice cream apart from Mimi #2. However, #2 had picked up on the icecream love at an astonishing speed. So she was sitting in her pram with her tongue sticking out in order to tell any one of the three remaining family members that she wanted a lick. Something that’s only cute until you’re about 2 I guess, so she got away with it.

Anyway, after that we headed home again (so counting the bug we saw when we had the ice-cream we saw about 8 kinds of animals in total which makes it totally worth going to the zoo, right?) and managed to keep the kids awake until we got home for nap-time wohoooo… So they actually slep for a good while enabling me to read Sunday papers, yay!!! (one of the things I miss most since I have kids is getting through the Sunday paper). So after that we graciously did quite a lot of playing and kickboard-practice. Mimi #1 has actually gone quite professional in that area and I certainly wasn’t part of that piece of education, so thanks and shoutout to our nursery!!!

Then it was dinner and after that, miracle of miracles, they played so sweetly that we actually took them for bath & bed a full 20′ late. Something we very rarely do because as laid back (or, let’s be honest: lazy) as we are in some areas, bed-time to us is sacred and non-negotiable. So that was it.

Now I’m wondering if you have managed to stick around for that long? Writing this out now, I realise it’s INCREDIBLY boring and mediocre and naff. Sorry. That’s who you become when you have kids. And the worst thing? You actually enjoy it.



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